‘The Resurgence of Satyam’ launched in Singapore


November 6, 2012 by Zafar Anjum

The Resurgence of Satyam: The Global IT Giant (Random House, India) was launched at the Singapore Writers Festival 2012 (SWF 2012) yesterday evening at the ilovebooks.com pavilion at the festival venue at SMU campus.

The book was launched by Deepika Shetty, a well-known journalist and book lover.

In her inaugural remarks, Shetty said that she was proud of Anjum who she had met in 2005 at Singapore Literary Festival which used to be a small event in those days. She said that between then and now, Anjum was able to write and publish two books that she was unveiling that evening.

In his introduction, Anjum said that this was his first foray into non-fiction (The Resurgence of Satyam: The Global IT Giant). He had written a novel 12 years ago and had since been working on a novel, which is still a work in progress. In the interim, he wrote the Satyam book and completed the short stories under a project grant by the National Arts Council Singapore.

Describing his journey of becoming a writer, Anjum explained how the Satyam book came out of his passion for journalism. The book was not commissioned by Satyam or any other entity but was born out of his desire to tell the amazing story of Satyam’s return from hell. “I was looking for the human stories in the backdrop of the Satyam scandal,” he said. “It was a positive and inspiring story to come from India, so it needed a telling.”


2 thoughts on “‘The Resurgence of Satyam’ launched in Singapore

  1. Sachin dere says:

    Hi there,
    I am a satyam employee in singapore and just got hold of this book yesterday during my visit to mumbai. I am loving it so far

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